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Pick your favorite editor: Marked's flexible Markdown preview will show you the final output of your document as you work, and its writing tools make your life easier from concept to publish.

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Plain text is fast. It’s portable. It’s easy to edit and easy to sync. All you need is a few helpers and you can write just about anything without depending on a word processor or the limitations it imposes.

Marked takes Markdown text–a simple syntax you can learn in minutes–and turns it into beautiful documents for you. It will update a preview as you work (with several high-quality themes to choose from, or design your own), refreshing every time you save. It can even automatically scroll the preview to where you’re currently editing in your document.

With one click you can copy HTML for posting online or including in web pages, copy rich text, save a PDF or print your work. Marked includes tools for handling page breaks, titles, table of contents and much more.

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If you write, Marked can help

Your favorite editor may have a Markdown preview, but it can't do what Marked can. Marked's full MultiMarkdown processor and specialized syntax handling provides capabilities far beyond what any current editor's Markdown preview can accomplish. Add on the flexibility of custom CSS, custom processors, and full export options and Marked wins hands down.

  • Marked can be a simple preview and a transparent addition to your workflow, but under the surface it's packed with the features you need to write smarter:
    • External link validation
    • Support for footnotes, tables and math syntax
    • Full keyboard navigation
    • Shortcut for jumping back to your editor
    • Scroll to most recent edit on refresh
    • Much more… see the documentation for a full overview!
  • Professional writer? Marked has you covered:
    • Scrivener support: view your full Scrivener project as a single document, fully rendered
    • Multi-file documents with include syntax and support for mmd_merge and Leanpub formats
    • Document statistics, including Fog Index and Readability scoring
    • Using the flexible custom processor feature, Marked can even support Fountain, a special Markdown-like syntax for screenwriting
  • If you're writing technical documentation, Marked can help:
    • Automatic syntax highlighting
    • Github-style line breaks
    • An accurate Github preview for Readme files
    • Fenced code blocks with support for multiple formats
    • Include code from external files and have it automatically escaped and highlighted in your document

Marked's full help system is available for you to peruse. Full details for all features included.

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The really nice things people are saying:

Merlin Mann: Brett’s quickly become the patron saint of text-loving Mac nerds. Marked is a terrifically useful little app that removes friction from my workflow especially since—unilke so many apps today—Marked increases rather than diminishes my flexibility and options. I’d marry Brett if Marked would agree to be the best man.

Mac App Store reviews

  • I’ve been Waiting for this App

    If you use Markdown you’ll really appreciate this app. If you don’t use Markdown but you do write HTML formatted documents you should start using Markdown and then you’ll really appeciate this app. For such a lightweight app there are a number of small details that really stand out. I know I’m going to use the heck out of the custom CSS setting. - Michael Tofias

    A great solution

    I edit mostly in BBEdit and its markdown preview works pretty well. I also sometimes edit Markdown in a number of other apps, and having a consistent, single tool for previewing Markdown in all of them is just great.

    Marked is a great solution to a problem I didn’t even know I had. - Jack Baty

    A nice app

    Does exactly what it claims; gives you live markdown (or any text processing preview) as the source file changes, has a nice selection of built-in preview styles (and room for a custom style). Took me all of a few minutes to make it my default app for markdown files.

    If you work with markdown, even in a fairly limited capacity, you’ll get your money’s worth from this app in short order; worth every penny! - Wez Furlong

    Makes Markdown accessible for the rest of us

    The Markdown is new black nowadays, but until very recently there weren’t any GUI tools to make it easy for an user to learn the language and preview the results. But what if you don’t like or don’t use that particular editor? Fear not, Marked bring Markdown to any editor you like whether it’s TextEdit or Emacs. Working with large document? No problem, Marked updates the preview when you save the document, it doesn’t slow you down a bit. It’s a wonderful application if you work with Markdown on daily basis, or just learning it, and I highly recommend it. - Vyacheslav Rossov

  • Perfectly designed simple app. Didn’t know I needed it, now I can’t live without it.

    It’s a simple enough program, but it’s perfectly executed. I’ve been a huge fan of Brett’s work with nvALT, but I still use other text editors from time to time for different reasons. Live Markdown preview, with easy HTML export and custom CSS is exactly what I need to integrate markdown into most of my writing/workflows. Now I can draft something in BBEdit on one screen, and have a live preview (with easy export and custom CSS design) on my second monitor, quickly refreshed with a simple Command-S in BBEdit.

    This is one of those programs that you don’t know you need until you use it. It’s taken about 4.2 minutes for me to realize that I can’t live without it. - Jacob Allen Walker


    Let’s see: it gets out of the way, it takes no setup, it does multi markdown and it works with any text editor?

    Love it! - Michael Heilemann


    Outstanding utility. After only a couple of hours of use, I know this will be a ‘must have’ app! I recommend it highly. - J-Manns


    The best feature of Marked is its flexibility. It works with any text editor, any Markdown processor. If you’re an old Markdown hand, you don’t have to change the tools you’re used to working with to use Marked. If you’re new to Markdown, Marked includes a good Markdown processor to get you started. - Dr. Drang


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