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Marked Help

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What’s Markdown?

Marked works with Markdown and MultiMarkdown, and can convert syntax from several variants for preview (it can also be extended to work with just about any processor you need, including Textile, reStructuredText, Wikitext and more). I assume that–since you’re here–you at least know what these markup languages are. If not, you should start at John Gruber’s Markdown Basics, check out the TUAW Markdown Primer and brush up on extended syntax with the MultiMarkdown User’s Guide. Marked includes a full Markdown syntax guide under the help menu, so you can brush up as you go.

What’s Marked?

Marked is an editor-agnostic MultiMarkdown Preview application which watches a file for changes, updating the preview every time you save. It’s not an “instant” preview, but I’ve found it more efficient as it allows me to concentrate more on writing and less on how my Markdown is rendering. Any time I want to see the results, I just press Command-S and my preview is updated.

Marked works with any file on your local drive, including iCloud documents. Just drag the document from any text editor’s toolbar to Marked and it will render it as an HTML preview and start tracking changes, updating the preview as you write. It can even compile multi-file documents using a basic “include” syntax, or from Scrivener, Leanpub and mmd_merge index formats.

Marked has additional features, including word count and other document statistics, the ability to float above other applications or dim in the background, and it can display your work in a variety of well-crafted styles. It can output to print or PDF, save complete HTML documents and copy HTML source to your clipboard with a keystroke. Marked also has a basic AppleScript dictionary and a command line tool that make it easy to integrate into your workflow.

Example Uses

Marked turns any text editor into a Markdown-enabled editor. Your preview is always available and it updates as you work.

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